My name is James Rowland and I am a Toronto-based web and graphic designer who moonlights as a DJ and musician depending on my mood of the day. Actually, what I'm most known for is being a bit of a swiss-army knife and seem to collect new skills and interests so even what is listed here is a mere summary of all the things I find exciting in life - for fun or profit. Feel free to explore around. If anything you find interests you please contact me at the link above. I am always up for working on a fun creative project.

Though I wear not the tin-foil hat of the drooling paranoid basement-dweller, I do believe in privacy and discretion online. Thus, you will find a keep a very low social media profile. I simply cannot abide having my private information splayed on the internet in perpetuity for corporate piggies to gobble and make a buck off my back.

So, lets get back to basics. Let's talk as one human being to another. If you want to know anything about me - simply ask :). Again, I direct you to that lovely contact button at your top-right.