My name is techm and I am a Toronto-based web developer and graphic designer who moonlights as a Macintosh support and solutions expert, electronics hobbyist, DJ, musician, and many other things depending on the needs of my clients and my mood of the day. Actually, what I'm most known for is being a bit of a swiss-army knife and relish collecting new skills and interests so even what is listed here is a mere summary of all the things I find exciting in life - for fun or profit. Feel free to explore around. If anything you find interests you please contact me at the link above. I am always up for working on a fun creative project.

This site is currently undergoing a big revision, having not had a design update in several years. Out with the orange and blue and in with the new. Ditching my rather neon colour scheme for something completely different was something that I puzzled over for at least two years. So please excuse if things are a bit broken from time to time. More features and content will be added when I have the time to create it. If you have any questions or would like to know more, do feel free to contact me at the link above.

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