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There are times where we don’t want a lot of useless features and especially don’t want annoying restrictions. Sometimes, all we want to do is stick a bloody video into a webpage and play it. Not mess with youtube or license-rape and certainly not shell out for something that (if we weren’t so lazy) we could make in flash.

Enter f4player by Goker Cebeci.  Its simple, its lightweight (like 10kb light!), it gets the job done. Best feature is it’s free and open source. No painful installations, configurations or bullshit. It just works.

Get f4player

Of course, documentation is … sparse, but it can be figured out very easily, simply upload the player swf, the skin swf, your video  and an optional thumbnail jpeg. Paste some embed code and set your flashvars as desired. Bang. Your video is up and playing. It is just that simple.

Source is included so you can, if you are feeling tinkery, mess with it in every conceivable way and even make your own skins.

Of course, be a good open-source citizen and chuck the guy some bucks for his hard work, and of course honour the GPL3 license.