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Bone Vampire

So last night I was watching Futurama with my lady-love and came across this lovely fellow:

Bone Vampire

Bone Vampire

Cute isn’t he?

This was the episode “Fry am the egg man” where Fry hatches an egg to reveal… this. A horrid monster who uses acid to liquify and consume the bones of its prey leaving fleshy left-overs.

It is mentioned in the episode that Prof. Farnsworth consults the “Gygaxicon” which I immediately recognize as an obvious D&D reference.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and still having that cute monster’s image burned into my brain, I consulted my actual (as in vintage dead-tree) Monstrous Manual (AD&D 2nd Ed) to try and find this “bone vampire”

Sadly, none were to be found. Shame, would have made a great D&D monster…

Still wish I had one as a pet.