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vapemail! yeehaw!

I just love getting vape-mail. For those of you who don’t know, vape mail is the delivery of electronic cigarette supplies since the best parts and juices can be had for the best price online.

My particular choice is Canvape who have been nothing but stellar. I believe this is my fourth(?) order from them and they always have super-fast delivery, super reliable, best prices and awesome customer service. They should be set as an example of what online retailing should be!

My new vaping tools and supplies

My new vaping tools and supplies

Anyway, here’s my loot.  I now feel I have a complete set of tools to enjoy my vaping and give the proverbial middle finger to the analogs (euphemism for ordinary cigarettes).

Here’s what I have:

  • 1x debranded 1300mAh “spinner” (variable voltage) battery in blue. I already have another in stainless steel that I’ve been using regularly for a month. Good to have two batteries in case one dies. Seriously, the charge on these lasts forever.
  • 1x eGo “mini” battery for maximum portability and stealth-vaping (vaping in places where I don’t want to attract attention to myself). 3.7V “stabivolt” which means its output is regulated, ensuring the last vape on the charge is as strong as the first.
  • 30mL of RY4, classic tobacco flavour Ruyan 4
  • 30mL of 555, classic american tobacco flavour
  • 30mL of Dr. Pepper flavoured e-liquid (i hate pop, but like the flavour of Dr. Pepper)
  • 10mL of TPA Lemon flavouring (for DIY eliquid)
  • 10mL of TPA Earl Grey flavouring (as above)
  • 5g of Ethyl Maltol crystals (for DIY eliquid, its a flavour additive to add a touch of sweetness and make flavours “pop”)
  • EVOD BBC clearomizer, looks like the lexus of clearomizers
  • Pack of 5 CE3 clearomizers, a standard in bottom-coil clears. These last two continue my exploration to find the best clearo for my taste
  • An eGo steel atomizer cover (for looks)

It will take me some time to try and review all this stuff, so I’ll post a separate review for each when I’ve properly tried them.