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Don’t Starve!

Cool game, brilliant artwork

I’ve been on the hunt for a game that really amuses me, there are times where I just don’t feel like being in the lab or doing anything serious. I’m only human right?

So, in going through reviewer lists looking for a game that isn’t a bloody shooter (grr why is every game some bloody FPS?) and with some heart I stumbled upon a recent release by Klei Entertainment called “Don’t Starve

What a cool game! The artwork is absolutely lovely. Gorgeous and quirky illustration style coupled with a stirring soundtrack really make this puzzle/survival game come alive. Basically, you are a “Gentleman Scientist” who is dropped off in the woods and you have to survive by making do with whatever you find. You can interact with almost anything and put them together to craft various tools to aid in your survival.

Best part – the game comes with no manual, no instructions and no tutorial. You just play it. The game is quite accessible if a bit head scratchy at first. Explore and click on things, see what you can do with them. Trial and error is the best way. Resist the temptation to google it up and just play.

When night falls, you better build a fire. It gets right spooky, and you don’t want to get eaten by a grue!

The game is a paltry $14.99 and is distributed digitally, DRM free. Isn’t that brilliant? You get a unique game and no bullshit. I know you might be tempted to steal it, but really – if any developer deserves the money, these guys do just for releasing it without copy protection. Think of it this way, you are casting a vote for quality software that isn’t crippled and doesn’t spy on you.

Also for sale is the bundle with the game and the soundtrack which I bought, can’t beat it 🙂

Check it out


So this game is so fun I’ve pretty much been sucked into it. Definite recommend. I WILL get the nixie clock finished, I promise!