So here is my blog. It a blog like any other – the random drivelling of a lunatic. It is, however, mine. Do keep in mind that here expressed are my opinions – entirely. You can disagree, argue, send me hate-mail whatever. I will continue to write what I please. Because I can. Really.

Here, you will find a mish-mash of my wide variety of interests so although the topics may seem disparate, the association makes sense to me.

I do hope that like-minded individuals (should such an individual exist) enjoy some, most, or all of my ramblings and feel free to add their five cents (since the penny has become contraband apparently) in the comments.

Sometimes I swear or can be offensive, live with it. If you don’t like it, you can leave.

The electronics projects, which seems to be filling the bulk of this blog, is sort of my open lab notes. I write them here to remember what on earth I did and what I was thinking when I did it. A chronicle of the design process of my projects as much as it is my own learning process. Much easier than the old-chool dead tree notebook with the benefit that I can also share it with others and get constructive criticism (hopefully).

Keep in mind that I am a hobbyist, not an electronics engineer, so please do take what I say with a grain of salt. I will make mistakes, I will go off on false ideas until the learning process shows me otherwise. Make no mistake – electricity can and will kill you if you do not take appropriate safety precautions. I am not liable if you electrocute yourself or your house burns down. Always always always do your reading, be extra super safe in your handling of live circuits, and use appropriate protective gear and practices to keep this hobby in the realm of fun and educational and not a trip to the ER. You have been warned.

Still other posts, particularly concerning Macs and other things that fall within the realm of my professional life are still opinions, but backed up with sometimes decades of working experience. So I really don’t want to hear about a casual headline you found supposedly disagreeing with me. If you have something to debate, bring it to the table and be prepared to back it up.

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