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McCrystals Raspberry Snuff, A review of sorts…

OK so in my continued cleaning up binge, I finally found my tin of snuff, which I have been looking for for months. Bought in a fit of pique over not being able to smoke anywhere I damn well please like my parents, I expected snuff to provide me with – if not a suitable replacement for cigarettes – then at least a band-aid until I could get outside to burn a fag.

I truly forgot about this product for several months as I have been exploring vaping instead – to much better results.

Anyway, I feel snuff is somewhat underrated and not appreciated by the modern man/woman who enjoys their nicotine addiction. So it is with a fresh eyes and septum of iron, I tried the snuff again to rate both its enjoyment factor and its suitability as a burning tobacco replacement product.

Here pictured is the tin that I currently have:

My tin of "snuff"

My tin of “snuff”

Contained within I find a very finely divided brown powder with a slightly artificially fruity scent that tends to get on absolutely anything. Serious, slight gust of wind and this stuff is on your shirt, desk, floor, anyone within a 30′ radius. Perhaps some clever dispensing mechanism… I digress.

Having not tried this product in some time, and with the frailty of my memory as I am dragged kicking and screaming through my late 30s, I figure “what the hell” and vow to try it again. I pinch a pinch and hold it to my right nostril and inhale.

Apart from feeling like a million tiny ice-picks stabbing at my soft nasal membranes, the actual experience is quite nice. Until the inevitable happens – the drip. Sliding down the back of my throat is the heretofore untasted raspberry artificial flavour, delivered by snot. My sinuses feel like someone has sprayed Frank’s Red Hot sauce throughout them and feel somewhat like its hayfever season.

Why this was the delivery method of choice in the regency years is beyond me.

Now I remember why I have had this tin for four years and not bothered with it. Though some claim the benefits of snuff over burning tobacco (which I have no doubt snuff is the healthier choice there), I feel the delivery method leaves something to be desired to all those who aren’t 1980s clubbing executives who are using to shoving anything up their nose.

I’m not ready to say I hate it, though I have to admit it is somewhat unpleasant, lacking in the expected class of imbibing the same thing a historical man in a powdered wig would imbibe, and wholly impractical for day-to-day use.

I’ll stick to vaping.


Addendum: I have noted on the package it is labelled “This product may be harmful.” Well, then its official! Since it doesn’t clearly state that it will kill me and those within a blast radius, it *must* be healther than the good ol’ stinky cancer stick!