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Loggin it

No, that’s not a euphemism.

Recently, I purchased a new multimeter, the now widely used UNI-T UT61E, which as far as cheap chinese multimeters go is pretty darn good. After watching various teardowns and tests courtesy of Mr. Martin Lorton, I was actually reasonably impressed with the functionality and accuracy of the meter and really wanted one to replace my Mastech “shitty piece of shit” meter which I’ve grown to loathe over the years. Most annoyingly, it had stopped displaying decimal points almost entirely. An internal inspection revealed it to be the switch contacts not quite making contact on the volts ranges (which is… the most important range!). This led to some almost-accidents as I had to guess where that decimal point would be. Is it 2V? 20V? 200V? Bugger this, time to upgrade and get a decent meter. Not that I won’t use the Mastech still, always good to have two meters, and the Mastech measures temperature which the UT61E doesn’t.

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The mythical “musts” of computing

I’m regularly asked for advice, and do very much love helping people out in choosing the right computing solution for them. One of the greatest joys in such a role is not only showing people how easy it really is to make their computer do what they want, but that they don’t have to hold to old, outdated, or even purely mythical conventions that they had accepted as fact.

In this article, I’d love to share some that I have come across.

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Mac Malware Myth Management

There are always a lot of myths floating about … about Macs and about malware. There always seem to be two camps with diametrically opposed positions. Some hold on to the rather antiquated “Macs can’t/don’t get viruses” which is inaccurate, and in fact never was accurate at any point in time. The other camp is claiming with each new news story that it’s the thin end of the wedge and soon OSX will be as much of a helpless victim as Windows always has. This is also incorrect, and probably not true of Windows any longer either.

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