Site redesign

For those of you who actually look here, and I’m thankful for all that do, you may have noticed a rather drastic change in colour scheme and an entire redesign of the home page.

Out with the orange and blue and in with the new!

Let’s face it, the old site was looking very dated in its design, and although I’m sure a few people appreciated my penchant for brightly contrasting orange and blue, I felt a radical shift was needed. It no longer reflected what I found pleasing to look at, and I wanted to embrace the advances in web design that have happened since then.

I built up the front page using bootstrap.js and shot for as minimal as possible. My love of panels and such, while kind of out of vogue these days, still rings true, simply with larger and more simplified inset panels.

The blog mirrors this and aims for a consistent look thoughout. The theme is the same, but the stylesheet has changed. There are still many stylesheet changes coming, as I’m still catching and tweaking vestigial values so the occasional glitch I hope you will excuse while I tighten it down and make it my own.

It’s also not very responsive at the moment, and by not very, I mean not at all. I’ll get to it, I promise.

Although I love writing on, and on, and on, I realize also that my public face as to be smaller, snappier and simpler. When prospective clients see this site, I wish it to be demonstrative, not only for me as a person but showing what I can actually do.

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