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Absinthe Eliquid Recipe

OK! So after a couple of weeks of experimentation, I believe I have developed my first truly awesome e-lquid recipe! I mean, not one I say I like just because its mine and vape it just because I don’t want to waste the ingredients, but one I truly could vape for hours.

I have always been fond of absinthe, for its idea more than its taste or effects. When I took up vaping I sought to enjoy something with as much … class as absinthe in my everyday vape.

Here follows my recipe. Quantities are for a 5mL batch, percentages are given for scaling.

Techm’s Absinthe Vape

Ingredient Volume/5mL Percentage
Base (24mg/mL, 50/50) 2.5mL 50.00%
Vegetable Glycerine 1.10mL 22.00%
Propylene Glycol 0.50mL 10.00%
TPA Absinthe Flavour 0.75mL 15.00%
Liquid Menthol 0.05mL 1.00% (1 drop)
Liquid Stevia 0.10mL 2.00% (2 drops)

Its … awesomely refreshing!